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Magdeburg University Clinical Center

Magdeburg University Clinical Center emerged from the Sudenburg hospitals, which opened on 1 December 1891. With the establishment of the Magdeburg Academy of Medicine (MAM) on 7 September 1954, the city hospital became a University medical facility. When the University was founded on 3 October 1993, the Academy of Medicine became the Faculty of Medicine of Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg with Magdeburg University Clinical Center as a constituent part.

Since 1 January 2006, Magdeburg University Clinical Center has been an institution established under the public law of the state of Saxony-Anhalt.

The Magdeburg University Clinical Center offers the whole spectrum of maximum medical care, medical training of the highest level and internationally renowned research.

There are close working relationships not just within the individual disciplines but also on an interdisciplinary basis too, and patient care is the subject of close cooperation. Furthermore, the involvement of medical students and the fostering of young scientists guarantees that the treatment is always in line with the latest medical developments.

With 1,115 beds, the University Clinical Center is the largest health institution in northern Saxony-Anhalt. Alongside the main site at Leipziger Strasse 44 there are further external sites for the University Women's Clinic  in Gerhart Hauptmann Strasse and the Training Centre for Health Care Professions on Emanuel Larisch Weg.

Patients are treated using state of the art medical technology, of which the PET CT, tomotherapy radiation machine, INSTRABEAM intraoperative radiation system, SPECT CT and experimental DSA system are particularly noteworthy.

In summer 2003 the new Clinical Center building (block 60) was officially inaugurated on the campus of the Magdeburg University Clinical Center. 14 clinics have found new homes here. In addition to wards and walk-in clinics, a central functional area for all of the clinics was established as a centrepiece of the new Clinical Center building. This includes, among other things, 16 operating theatres, a functional diagnostics suite, the diagnostic radiology department with two magnetic resonance tomography machines (MRT) and two computer tomographs, the physiotherapy department and a central sterilisation department. A central emergency admissions department was also incorporated. Furthermore, x-ray images can be called up digitally on each ward via a central image archiving and transmission system. Shared use of the facilities means that optimum use and benefit can be obtained from the space, human resources and equipment. 

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