Doctoral Scholarship

The Faculty of Medicine offers funding for the promotion and support of doctoral candidates at Otto von Guericke University of Magdeburg, Germany, in the form of a doctoral scholarship as part of the performance-oriented granting of funding (in German: Leistungsorientierte Mittelvergabe, LOM)

The Call for Applications describes the objectives, funding requirements, type and scope, submission of applications and obligations of the doctoral scholarship.

The following documents must be submitted to Mr Jörg-Henrik Gerlach in Building 1, Room 304 (tel.: +49 391 6714490, the application (as per 02nd December 2014), a letter of recommendation from the applicant’s supervisor, the applicant’s authorisation to complete doctoral studies, the applicant’s curriculum vitae in tabular form and a copy of the applicant’s last examination certificate.

There are two deadlines for the submission of application each year: 31st March and 15th August. Applicants are, however, recommended to submit their applications several weeks before these deadlines so that any problems identified during the formal review of applications can be resolved.

The applications will be presented to the "Commission on Funding for Junior Scientists and Researchers", which will then decide how to progress with the applications and specify two experts from the Magdeburg University Department of Medicine (UMMD) who will assess the applications according to given criteria.

The Commission will approve scholarship applications that receive two positive expert opinions. A third expert opinion will be obtained in the case of two expert opinions that disagree. The approval of applications is connected to the terms and conditions for medical students and students from subject areas other than Medicine, which are also included in the scholarship agreement.

By accepting the scholarship, scholarship holders commit to:

  • put all of their effort into the planned project;
  • immediately inform the Department of Research in the case of fundamental changes concerning the content of the doctoral studies and/or the work plan and schedule;
  • submit a formal progress assessment report relating to the work plan and schedule and signed by the scholarship holder and his/her supervisor to the Department of Research every 3 months;
  • participate in qualification events recommended by the Commission on Funding for Junior Scientists and Researchers if they receive funding for a period of at least 6 months;
  • submit a final report to the Department of Research 2 months after the end of the funding period at the latest;
  • meet all other obligations to report, e.g. the obligation to provide information concerning the completion of their doctoral studies (scholarship holders are requested to submit their doctoral certificate).

Payment of the scholarship will be suspended in the case of violations of the above-mentioned terms.

The entitlements of financial allowance for own children who have not completed the age of 12 years yet living in the same household will become effective on 1 January 2015. Any PhD students whose scholarship has been granted before the effective date may apply for the children’s allowance here.

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