Magdeburg University Hospital and Magdeburg Clinic sign cooperation agreement

21.11.2022 -  

Magdeburg University Hospital and Magdeburg Municipal Hospital have sealed their future cooperation by signing a joint cooperation agreement. To mark the occasion, both facilities held a joint press conference today at the municipal hospital in Magdeburg in the presence of both chairmen of the supervisory board, the hospital management board of Magdeburg University Hospital and the management board of the municipal hospital in Magdeburg to outline how they intend to work together in the future.

The aim of this cooperation is to provide coordinated optimal medical care for all patients, taking into account the existing overall resources of both sites. The synergy effect resulting from the bundling of competences enables both hospitals to develop the best possible and quality-assured infrastructure in the region. Another advantage is the dissolution of the competitive situation and the future development of a joint medical strategy.

In addition, medical focal points are to be formed through the cooperative collaboration. In the future, these will strengthen the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of both hospitals individually as well as jointly. Particularly in the current situation of a shortage of specialists, it is important to use personnel resources effectively.


Photo: (from left) Prof. Dr. Hans-Jochen Heinze, Medical Director of Magdeburg University Hospital, Marco Bohn, Commercial Director of Magdeburg University Hospital, Prof. Dr. Armin Willingmann Minister for Science, Energy, Climate Protection and the Environment of the State of Saxony-Anhalt, Simone Borris, Mayor of the City of Magdeburg and Managing Director of Klinikum Magdeburg gGmbH, Willi Lamp, at the signing of the cooperation agreement at Magdeburg University Hospital.
Photographer: Sarah Kossmann/UMMD

"Together we are stronger," said Science Minister Prof. Dr. Armin Willingmann. "The future cooperation between Magdeburg's two major hospitals offers the opportunity to make cutting-edge medicine and patient care in the state capital fit for the future, thereby strengthening the hospital landscape in northern Saxony-Anhalt. The negotiations on the cooperation were also successful because they were always conducted at eye level. It is important that the agreement is now quickly filled with life." Willingmann is Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Magdeburg University Hospital.

Simone Borris, Mayor of the City of Magdeburg, emphasized: "The primary objective is to provide sustainable, high-quality and maximum medical care for the people of Magdeburg and the region. The signing of the agreement is at the same time the cornerstone for working out synergies relevant to economic efficiency and developing the necessary framework conditions for medical care as well as medical and nursing education and training. My thanks go to all those involved in the development of the agreement, in particular also to the City Council of the state capital Magdeburg, which gave its approval on November 10."

"We are very much looking forward to the more in-depth cooperation. It will strengthen us for future challenges, both financially and in terms of personnel. We will succeed even better in further developing the two sites. In addition, we will offer our employees very good prospects and increase the attractiveness of both sites," explained Marco Bohn, Commercial Director of Magdeburg University Hospital.

"As a university medicine, we will offer top-quality care together with Klinikum Magdeburg. We are very grateful to the politicians for supporting the two hospitals with this cooperation in order to be able to offer highly specialized medicine in an even better setting. We also want to fulfill our educational mission for our students, who enjoy an excellent education here, in the best possible way in the future," said Prof. Dr. Hans-Jochen Heinze, Medical Director of Magdeburg University Hospital.

Dean Prof. Dr. Daniela C. Dieterich emphasizes: "We have been working closely with the Magdeburg Clinic, currently our largest teaching hospital, for 30 years to provide clinical and practical medical training in northern Saxony-Anhalt. Our students benefit from the broad spectrum of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures of different departments at Magdeburg Hospital, especially in their final stage of studies. The cooperation agreement now concluded opens up opportunities for us to further strengthen the exchange of knowledge and experience between training and everyday clinical practice."

Willi Lamp, Managing Director of Klinikum Magdeburg gGmbH, emphasized: "The University Hospital and Klinikum Magdeburg are of national importance for medical care. The provision of comprehensive structures and expertise around the clock must be based on economically sound foundations. The cooperation is the first step to jointly find sustainable solutions for the challenges of our time, such as competitive pressure, shortage of specialists, changes in inpatient care, energy crisis, cost increases, etc. The cooperation between the two hospitals is the first step in this direction. In this context, the cooperation is the first step toward developing a joint care concept with a corresponding medical strategy for needs-based and quality-assured patient care for Magdeburg and northern Saxony-Anhalt, as well as finding ways to provide uniform medical care."

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