Exchange Students

Information for Exchange Students

Conditions for Application:

  1. You have to be enrolled at one of our partner universities.
  2. Your have been selected by one of our partner universities and nominated to participate in this exchange program. If we do not receive a nomination from your home university you will be considered as a freemover-student.

Here you can check if your university is one of our partner universities: List of Partner Universities

Contacts and further Informations:

If you have questions please address yourself to the Medical Faculties International Office.

Which type of stay is possible at our Faculty for exchange students?

The type of stay you can choose depends on your level of German proficiency:

  • attend German classes and lectures
  • do practical training (Famulatur) at one of our clinics
  • do part of your practical year (elective period, internado) with us
  • come for a research stay at one of our institutes or clinics

German proficiency and German classes:

Lectures at our faculty are all done in German. Practical training at some clinics, for example psychiatry, is only possible with high German proficiency. In other clinics practical training is also possible without extensive German language skills, provided you have good English proficiency.

For research stays good English language skills are usually sufficient.

Please don't forget that good German language skills are also necessary to communicate in Magdeburg with people outside the university.

While the university is in session German classes are offered which exchange students can attend.

Studying at the Medical Faculty:

Further information:

Application documents:

You register and do your whole application online. During the online registration you will be required to upload several documents. Some of the forms are available on that site, others you have to upload yourself. Since some documents have to be provided by your school or doctors please start your application with sufficient time ahead.

Necessary documents:

  1. Proof of Immunisation (Form online)
  2. Confirmation of registration from your university in English or German (Form online)
  3. Letter of motivation with the preferred study plan
  4. Letter of recommendation frome one of your professors
  5. Proof of German proficiency
  6. Academic transcript of records
  7. Copy of your passport
  8. Photo
  9. Proof of valid health insurance for Germany in English or German (needed upon arrival)/ Copy of EHIC-Card

It is advisable to apply for a visa - if necessary - and to organize accommodation as early as possible.

Accomodation in Magdeburg:

Exchange students can apply for rooms at the student hostels. You have to apply at least six month before coming to Magdeburg. Application documents are available here.

Further Information:

Links (German, some English). See our FAQ sections as well!

We are looking forward to seeing you here and wish you a pleasant stay in Magdeburg!


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