Practical Training or Research Periods for International Graduates

Information on research periods or practical training for graduates at the University Clinic

Depending on the medical department, it is possible to spend research periods at our hospital. We cannot offer you any degree or certificate for research periods. Unfortunately, we cannot offer you any payment or financial aid either.

Depending on the department it is also possible for graduated students to get an Observership/Hospitation contract for up to 1 month. Hospitation means that you will have an observer status and are not allowed hands-on patient contact. There will be no payment or financial aid and you will be responsible to organize accommodation on your own.

In case you want to do a practical training where you communicate with patients, procedures as those for Spezialization Training apply. This means you have to apply for a permission to practice as a physician (Erlaubnis zur vorübergehenden Ausübung des ärztlichen Berufes). If you have a payed position at one of our clinics you need to apply for a work permit (Arbeitsgenehmigung). Depending on the length of your stay you also have to apply for a residence permit (Aufenthaltsgenehmigung). These procedures are described in detail on our page Facharztausbildung.

Application to the clinic:

If you want to apply for practical training at a clinic or research at our faculty, please contact directly the responsible professor of the medical department you are interested in.

Information on our clinical departments and institutes are available here:

The research focus of our faculty is descibed here:

Your application should contain the following documents:

  1. Your full name, complete address, email-adddress and fax-number
  2. Purpose of stay (Why do you chose this subject, which work experiences do you have?)
  3. CV with all important information concerning your education
  4. Officially notarized copies of your university degree and record of grades
  5. Officially notarized translations into German or English of your university degree and record of grades
  6. Letter of recommendation in German or English
  7. Proof of English or German knowledge
  8. Copy of your passport

On the following pages you willl find information on coming to Germany, accomodation and funding opportunities. It is advisable to apply for a visa - if necessary - and to organize accommodation as early as possible.

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