Information for International Applicants for Studies in Human Medicine

Date April 19th 2016

Welcome to Magdeburg!

You will find on this website information for international applicants on the application formalities for admission to studies in Human Medicine. If you have questions don't hesitate to contact the International Office at:

The Medical Faculty is planning to introduce TestAS (Core test and Mathematics, Computer Science and Natural Sciences Module) as an obligatory application requirement for all Non-EU-applicants starting from WS 2016/17. Please make sure to take the test as soon as possible. You have to take the test in German, otherwise it will not be accepted!

Important links for further infomartion (some files or webpagesonly in German)

Application and studies


Info on medical studies in Magdeburg

Info on studying in Germany, application and acceptance of school or university credentials

Visa issues

Akademische Prüfstelle (APS) des Kulturreferates der Deutschen Botschaft Peking


Acceptance of forgein studies


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