Research Center

The Research Unit is directly subordinate to the Dean as part of the academic administration. In addition to a variety of academic tasks, the department also handles the administration of the project-specific third-party funds of the University Medical Center. This results in the following range of tasks:

Research-related organizational administrative tasks:

  • Performance analyzes and evaluations for the performance-based allocation of funds (LOM)
  • Preparation of the allocation of research budget funds from the state subsidy
  • Management of research areas
  • Support of Core Units (Central Animal Laboratory, Coordination Center for Clinical Trials)
  • Participation in research-related resource planning
  • Distribution of information on research funding
  • Support in the application for research projects (financial planning, etc.)
  • Preparation or inspection of contractual arrangements for research cooperation
  • Support the Commission for the Promotion of Young Scientists
  • Refer to Description/Manual - promotion of young talent

Third management:

  • Administration and control of research-related third-party funds, including preparation of numerical evidence
  • Processing contracts in the framework of contract research
  • Calculation of costs of contract research
  • Create statistics and reports

Property rights and technology transfer:

  • Processing of service inventions and assistance with the filing of patents and utility models as well as the utilisation of patents in cooperation with the ESA PVA Patenverwertungsagentur Sachsen-Anhalt
    see IP strategy FME
  • Initiation and accompaniment of joint research projects with medical technology companies and companies in the healthcare industry

Academic self-government, public relations, other:

  • Supervision of the research portal for the University Medical Center Magdeburg
  • Organization of the "Long Night of Science

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