Research Department

As a part of the academic administration, the Research Department reports directly to the Dean. In addition to a variety of academic tasks, the department also handles the administration of the project-specific third-party funds of the University Medical Center. This results in the following range of tasks:

Research-Related Organizational Administrative Tasks:

  • Performance analyzes and evaluations for the performance-based allocation of funds (LOM)
  • Preparation of the allocation of research budget funds from the state subsidy
  • Management of research areas
  • Support of Core Units (Central Animal Laboratory, Coordination Center for Clinical Trials)
  • Participation in research-related resource planning
  • Distribution of information on research funding
  • Support in the application for research projects (financial planning, etc.)
  • Preparation or inspection of contractual arrangements for research cooperation
  • Support the Commission for the Promotion of Young Scientists
  • Refer to Description/Manual - promotion of young talent

Third Management:

  • Administration and control of research-related third-party funds, including preparation of numerical evidence
  • Processing contracts in the framework of contract research
  • Calculation of costs of contract research
  • Create statistics and reports

Property Rights and Technology Transfer:

  • Processing of service inventions and assistance with the filing of patents and utility models as well as the utilisation of patents in cooperation with the ESA PVA Patenverwertungsagentur (Patent Utilization Agency) Sachsen-Anhalt
    see IP strategy FME
  • Initiation and accompaniment of joint research projects with medical technology companies and companies in the healthcare industry

Academic Self-Government, Public Relations, other:

  • Supervision of the research portal for the University Medical Hospital of Magdeburg
  • Organization of the "Long Night of Science"

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