Arsenite stress response in yeast

Arsenic poses a serious threat to human health in many regions, but is also effective in the treatment of certain cancers and parasitic diseases. Several proteins contribute to arsenic transport and detoxification. The figure shows the main arsenite influx-efflux pathways and its regulators. We are testing several mathematical models to reproduce experimental observations with the computational model. In this study we want to know that what are the key regulators of this influx-efflux process and what is the dynamical behavior of these regulators. Understanding the contribution of different pathways in influx-efflux process would help us to understand the main source of toxicity of arsenite. With a mathematical models of the system we can estimate their parameters by using experimental data and rank them according to the Akaike Information Criterion (AIC). After selecting the best model we study the properties of the model including dynamical behavior of the key regulators. This project is collaboration with Prof. Markus J Tamas from Department of Cell and Molecular Biology at University of Gothenburg.

Arsenic pathways and fluxes

Main arensite fluxes and their regulators