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The cooperation between the universities of Magdeburg and Bremen

The cooperation between both universities has been established as a synergistic network for basic and clinical research, methodological development, combined imaging research and education. Examples are

- Cognitive Neurosciences: Research groups in Magdeburg and Bremen both study neural mechanisms underlying object-binding during the perception of 3D objects from motion. In a complementary approach, scientists in Magdeburg use combined MEG/ EEG recording to track the temporal sequence of neural activity and to identify oscillatory correlates of binding processes in the human extrastriate cortex, while scientists in Bremen seek to identify the detailed 3D receptive field structure and 3D tuning properties of cells in extrastriate areas of macaques.

- Clinics: In order to recruit a large number of patients with well-defined specifications of diseases, a new professor (‘Restaurative Neurology and Neuroimaging’, W2 level) is Currently being appointed who coordinates the neurological studies at the Department of Neurology in Magdeburg, the general hospital ‘Bremen-Ost’ in Bremen, and the clinic for rehabiltation ‘Neues Therapiezentrum’ in Magdeburg.

- Methods: The complementary expertise in MEG, fMRI and DWI application (Magdeburg) and MR-spectroscopy and post-processing of imaging data (Bremen) is of particular importance for high-field MR physics and the new 7T MR enterprise in Magdeburg (for details see the corresponding reports in the methods section). The search committee for the new chair in high-field magnetic resonance physics consists of scientists from both places.

- Combined Imaging: In a number of studies, scientists work at both places to combine the different technologies (e.g. studies in temporal lobe epilepsy involve MEG and fMRI recordings in Magdeburg and high-field in-vitro spectroscopy of hippocampal slices in Bremen).

- Education: There are joint training courses in imaging technology and neuropsychology in Magdeburg and Bremen. The new program of the National Academic Foundation for advanced students will involve a coordinated curriculum from both places.

CAI- Institutions:

Department of Neurology,
University of Magdeburg Leibniz-Institut for Neurobiology, Magdeburg
Department of Experimental Psychology, University of Magdeburg
Brain Research Institute, University of Bremen
Cooperation with the Berlin Neuroimaging Center (BNIC)
Institute of Neuropsychology, University of Magdeburg
Hanse Institute for Advanced Study, Delmenhorst
Institute for Instrumental Analysis, University of Bremen
Department of Neuropsychology, University of Bremen
Center for Medical Diagnostic Systems and Visualization, Bremen
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