center for advaced imaging

Scientific Program

The central scientific theme of the CAI has emerged as the Cognitive Control of Human Behavior: The ability of humans to coordinate thoughts and actions with internal goals and concepts. We aim at the identification of the neural mechanisms which transform strategies, expectations and convictions into percepts, memory traces, emotions, language and action. The focus of research is the translation of top-down control into the cortical periphery.

Within this focus, a special emphasis will be givenis attributed to neuroecology (quasi-natural versus artificial scenes), neuroeconomics and neurogenetics (impact of genetic polymorphisms on cognitive control processes). This unified conceptual approach, which organizes and integrates the scientific activities at Magdeburg and Bremen, is reflected in the basic science, clinical and methodological projects of the main research areas of the CAI: Perception/ attention, memory, monitoring actions and decisions, and methodological development.
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