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Early Career Research Grants 2017

28.09.2017 -

Because the "Hexal-research grant for scientific development" will not continue to be supported by the donor, the Medical Faculty of Magdeburg wants to continue the tradition with the following new awards, both endorsed with a sum of 5.000 €:

"Clinical Research"

"Biomedical Basic Research"

The application should be submitted to Mr. Gerlach (REFO, H1/304, Tel. 14490) before 01.11.2017 (final deadline). Detailed instructions for application can be found here (available only in German).

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New therapeutic approach in diabetic nephropathy

15.09.2017 -

Researchers at the Institute of Clinical Chemistry and Pathobiochemistry (IKCP) of the Medical Faculty of the Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg report a potential new approach to treat diabetic nephropathy in the Journal of American Society of Nephrology (JASN), the leading journal in the field.

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Chronically ill, yet healthier

The incidence of chronic inflammatory lung diseases is on the rise throughout the world. So far, there is no reliable therapy, which only reflects the fact that the underlying mechanisms of the disease etiology are not fully understood yet. Researchers from the Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research (HZI) and the Health Campus GC-I³ have recently made an interesting discovery which may benefit many lung patients in the long-term.

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Review of the 12th „Lange Nacht der Wissenschaft“

On May 20th, the 12th „Lange Nacht der Wissenschaft“ took place in Magdeburg. This year, the doctoral students of the MGK 854 came up with something special. In keeping with the theme of “the language of immune cells”, future scientists learned about the immune system.

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Else Kröner Research College is Renewed for Another Year

The Else Kröner Research College is an important part of the research done at the Health Campus Immunology, Infectiology and Inflammation – and it was just renewed for another year!

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