Call: SFB 854 Development Grants - Seed Funding for Young Investigators


The objective of this award is to provide salary or non-salary funds for young investigators and clinician scientists to help establish their research careers. The intent of this award is to stimulate research in line with the objectives of the GC-I³, by providing opportunities for young investigators to obtain new data that can ultimately lead to subsequent grant applications for more substantial funding and duration. This might either be achieved by non-salary funds to finance scientific services (e.g. sequencing) or salary funds for the own position of the young investigator.

Eligibility and specifics:

  • All senior PhD students (3rd year or more advanced) and early postdoctoral researchers (no more than two years of experience since PhD degree has been received) of the Medical Faculty of the OVGU are eligible for applying.
  • Young physicians (Assistenzärzt*innen) pursuing a track as Clinician Scientist of the Medical Faculty of the OVGU are also eligible; the program aims to foster subsequent grant applications of Clinician Scientists at the early stages of their career.
  •  Only applications that are in line with the research and objectives of the Health Campus Immunology, Infectiology and Inflammation will be considered.
  • Individuals can only apply for one SFB 854 Development Grant.
  • All items or services have to be purchased and delivered until 31.12.21. Funding for the own position is available for a maximum of nine months, from 01.04.21 until 31.12.21.

Outline for applications:

  1. Abstract: Project idea, questions and aims of the project (not exceeding 1 page)
  2. State of the art and preliminary work incl. reference list (not exceeding 1 page)
  3. Methods, work plan, design, specification of the costs (not exceeding 1 page)

Thus, the total length of your proposal (including references) must not exceed three pages (font 11 point). Illustrations are welcome. In addition to the three pages, please attach your CV (including a list of publications/conference abstracts) and a signature from your responsible principal investigator.

Selection process:

Your application will be checked by the Council of the SFB 854 to ensure it is eligible and within the scheme’s remit. The Council of the SFB 854 will then assess applications. Each application will be evaluated by three council members, whereby reviewers must not evaluate applicants from their own group.

In your application we will look for:

  • An original and important question
  • Compatibility of the research question with the aims of the GC-I³
  • Some preliminary data to develop
  • Your track record as a researcher, relative to your career stage
  • The approach and feasibility of the proposed work
  • Expected research outcomes
  • Your plan for how the outcomes will lead to a larger grant or otherwise support your career plans in the future

Time scale for the application process:

  • 28th of February 2021: Deadline for applications. Please send all documents in a single pdf file via email to Dr. Martina Beyrau.
  • March 2021: Review and selection process.
  • 1st of April 2021: Project start.

You can download a PDF of the application guidelines here. If you have any further questions please contact Dr. Martina Beyrau or Prof. Burkhart Schraven.

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