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Call for papers: GC-I³ Paper of the Year 2019

In 2019, the Health Campus Immunology, Infectiology and Inflammation is offering prices for the “GC-I³ Paper of the Year”. Please submit your work before 15.08.2020. We are offering three prizes (rewarded with 1000 €, 500 € and 250 €) and we are looking forward to your submissions!

 The submitted works must fulfill the following criteria:
♦ The work must have been either published or officially accepted in 2019 (no later than 31.12.2019).
♦ The applicant must be the lead author (or a group of lead authors) for the publication, and the publication must have been primarily produced in a facility that is part of the GC-I³.
♦ The GC-I3 must be named in the affiliation.*

An independent commission will vote on the three best works. Then, all members of the GC-I³ can take part in a secret ballot to determine the order in which the prizes are awarded. The prizes will then be rewarded during the next general assembly of the GC-I³.

Please send your application by email to Dr. Beyrau no later than 15.08.2020. Required Documentation: a complete PDF of the publication and a short explanation why the publication is especially impactful (max. 300 words, in German if possible).

The prize-winning publications of 2018, 2017 and 2016 can be seen here!

Author A1
1 Institute of Molecular and Clinical Immunology, Health Campus Immunology, Infectiology and Inflammation, Otto-von-Guericke-University, Magdeburg, Germany

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Year in Review for Internal Medicine 2018 – Summary of Important Developments

In 2018, representatives of Internal Medicine once again reported on many new and exciting developments at the traditional Year in Review for Internal Medicine in Magdeburg. This year, the event took place in the Congress-Center of the MDCC arena for the first time with more than 200 audience members, a superb crowd for this event, on the 12th of January 2019.

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Better therapies against blood cancer, Trojan Horses and childhood illnesses – the GC-I³ Papers of the Year 2018

In 2019 the GC-I³ has chosen the “Papers of the Year” for the third time. The prizes were awarded for the best publications of 2018. The jury picked out the best three papers among the vast number of submissions, all members of the GC-I³ were then called to pick out the order of the three winners in a secret poll.

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Dr. Sascha Kahlfuss is junior professor for inflammation and immune metabolism in Magdeburg

The central theme in Dr. Sascha Kahlfuss‘ scientific work is the regulation of immune cells and their role during the immune defense. In this context he also analyses what these cells do during detrimental immune reactions such as allergies and autoimmune disorders.

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