Equality at the Medical Faculty

Your Equal Opportunity Officers

Dr. Ulrike von Arnim and Dr. Anika Dirks

Interview with Dr. Ulrike von Arnim (German only)


Our Goals:

  • Early support and motivation of medical students and assistant doctors for long-term planning of career paths
  • Increasing the number of female professors in clinical subjects
  • Working on more flexible working time models
  • Improving family friendliness
  • Strengthening the diversity of the OVGU



  • Participation in selection procedures / interviews / vocation committees
  • Committee work
  • Expand communication between FME and OVGU by increasing the exchange with the office for gender equality
  • Further trainings to increase the quality of equality work at the FME
  • Extension of alumnae work to create role models and mentors
  • Participation in the OVGU's internationalization concept
  • Active recruitment of suitable female professors and doctors




Additional contacts:

Equal opportunity officers of the University Clinic

Family Office OVGU

Family representatives at FME

Office for Equal Opportunities (OVGU)


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