In the field of urology, all common anesthesia procedures of general and regional anesthesia are used in a form adapted to the patient's needs. This makes it possible to respond to patients' wishes.

The combination of peridural catheter placement and general anesthesia integrated into a multimodal therapy concept deserves special mention.

The anesthesiological work spectrum includes the care of all age groups, from newborns to elderly patients with a variety of pre-existing conditions. For this purpose, three state-of-the-art anesthesia workstations are available after upgrading in 2016. The anesthesiologist-managed recovery room is regularly used for early postoperative care; further care is ensured by the hospital's own recovery beds.

In case of an intensive care follow-up, there is the possibility to use resources and expertise of the anesthesiological or pediatric intensive care unit.

The optimal treatment strategy in each case is determined individually, taking into account the patient's wishes, in a preparatory anesthetic information session.

The range of operations to be supervised extends from urinary tract reconstructive measures in infants, through all facets of tumor surgery, endoscopic prostate and bladder surgery, to measures in fertility therapy.

The acute pain service is available for all patients.

After reorganization, future studies on extended applications of modern LMA (laryngeal masks) seem exciting.

Dr. med. Heinrich Markus, Attending Physician


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