Internediate Care Ward

Operative Intermediate Care Unit 7 (IMC7) was established in 2015 as an interdisciplinary surgical monitoring unit and has since undergone continuous development under anesthesiological management. A multiprofessional team of intensivists, nurses and physiotherapists treat patients with moderate or potentially severe organ dysfunction. This primarily includes patients who require continuous monitoring as part of an accident or surgery. The ward is medically supervised by an anesthesiologist on call 24 hours a day.

The equipment of the twelve bed units corresponds to that of an intensive care ward, except for the lack of a ventilation option. Three mobile ventilators are available for emergencies. In addition, there is the possibility of non-invasive ventilation including high-flow CPAP therapy, which is used regularly.

In addition to therapeutic measures, an important focus is on the prevention of complications and early mobilization. In particular, the ward team is thoroughly trained in the prophylaxis of pneumonia, delirium and thrombosis.

If medically possible, we work closely with the relatives of our patients, especially in the context of delirium treatment. For this reason, we deliberately refrain from prescribing visiting hours, but we ask for your indulgence if on some days the visit is associated with waiting time.

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