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Haus 60a


At our university hospital, we offer the entire spectrum of plastic and aesthetic surgery, reconstructive surgery, hand surgery, and burn surgery.

A well-coordinated team of physicians, nursing staff, therapists and other professional groups looks after each patient with the utmost care. We will be happy to advise you on any questions regarding your illness, injury or surgery request. We use the latest diagnostic methods, opeative techniques and treatment concepts. Our staff has access to the most modern medical infrastructure. In addition, specialists from the other clinics of the university are consulted for interdisciplinary matters. As an internationally networked and researching clinic, we can design an individual treatment plan for you according to the latest scientific findings.


Focal points of our operational activities:

Hand Surgery

  • Treatment of complex injuries (replantation and transplantation service)
  • Rheumatic, tendon, nerve, vascular, bone surgery and tumors
  • Reconstructive microsurgery (plexus reconstruction, muscle replacement surgery)
  • Minimally invasive surgery (arthroscopy)
  • Deformities

Plastic Surgery

  • Breast surgery (enlargement, reduction, reconstruction after tumor with DIEP etc)
  • Tumor surgery (e.g. sarcomas)
  • Soft tissue reconstructions (decubitus surgery, infections, free microvascular tissue grafts)
  • Gender reassignment surgery (sexchange)
  • Obesity surgery (soft tissue reductions after massive weight loss)
  • Lymphatic surgery (for edema)
  • Malformations (funnel chest, keel chest)

Aesthetic Surgery

  • Eyelid surgery, facelift
  • nose and ear correction
  • Liposuction (fat removal)
  • Abdominoplasty
  • Laser surgery (tumors, facial rejuvenation, pigmentation disorders)
  • Wrinkle injections (Hyaluron, Botox)
  • "Sweating" on hands, axillae, feet (Botox or surgery)


  • Emergency treatment (special wound treatment, skin transplantation, flap plastics)
  • Reconstructive surgery (scar correction, contour and contracture correction)


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