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Information for our study participants

Dear children, dear youth, dear parents,

At the university hospital, we research how the human brain works. In particular, we try to understand why children and adolescents with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) are more easily distracted than other children. In this way, we want to identify conditions under which children and adolescents with ADHD can also learn in a concentrated way.

WHO can participate?

You can participate in our studies and experiments if you are between 8 and 18 years old. We are always looking for children and adolescents with and without ADHD/ADHD, suspected ADHD/ADHD and with dyslexia. If you have siblings, we would be happy if they would also like to participate in our studies.

WHAT do you have to do?

If you are interested in participating in studies, you and your parents can contact us by phone or e-mail at our office, Sekretariat . If you then decide to participate, you will be invited to your first appointment. In order to clarify a possible ADHS/ADS, you will take an intelligence and attention test and we will have a conversation with you and your parents. Therefore it is also important that your parents accompany you to this first appointment.

And then? Now it gets exciting! Afterwards, we invite you to participate in certain studies. For example, you will solve tasks on the computer. But there are also experiments in which we "watch" your brain at work using EEG or fMRI. Don't worry, these measurements do not hurt and do not pose a risk to you.

WHY is it worth participating?

By participating in the studies you can help us to better understand your ADHD/ADS and to develop new therapeutic methods. Furthermore you will receive money in the form of vouchers. If you or your parents incur travel expenses, these will be reimbursed.

Data Protection

It is important for you to know that participation in the individual studies is voluntary. Your data will be completely anonymous and treated confidentially. All employees are subject to confidentiality.

Where can you find us? 

You will find us in house 36 of the University Hospital Magdeburg.

 The exact address and a map you can find here 

We would be very happy about your participation!


Important documents for download:

Questionnaire for MRT-suitability


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