9th Ethics Day of the UMMD

06.05.2024 -  

"What happens now?- Uncertainty and moral burdens in the clinic"

In everyday clinical practice, it is often not easy to find enough time to make ethically well-founded decisions.This is made much more difficult when the prognosis of a disease is unclear.

How can a common therapeutic goal be found in this situation? Dealing with such difficult decisions and other morally challenging situations is the topic of the 9th UMMD Ethics Day on 13 June 2024.

The lectures and workshops will cover both theoretical principles and practical approaches.

All information on the programme and registration can be found in the event flyer.

Pre-conference workshops (parallel):

  • Prognostic uncertainty and ethical case counselling
    A case-based workshop for all professional groups in which you will learn about scenario analysis as a moderation tool for ethics counselling.

  • This touches me. Moral stress and how to deal with it
    The workshop offers ideas and guidance and is (also) intended as an impulse for an ethics round table at the university hospital.


  • Moral distress. What is it and why should we in medicine and care be dealing with it now of all times?

  • Clinic in transition - ideas and structures for practising ethics

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