Admission Ward

The admission ward is affiliated with the Central Emergency Room which are both structurally very close together.

The admission ward primarily accepts all acute patients who may require a longer inpatient stay and need more time to diagnose. After the acute diagnostic evaluation, the patient is transferred to the correct ward. Very often, however, patients can be released very quickly if, after a certain period of observation, it becomes apparent that the dangerous diagnoses have been ruled out or if the acute therapy is rapidly responding. Therefore, there is a high rate of patients being sent home.

Typical patients at the reception center of the emergency room are the:

  • After accidents for monitoring and ultrasound control
  • With mild craniocerebral trauma for surveillance
  • With dizziness or headache for monitoring, diagnosis and therapy
  • With cardiac arrhythmia for monitoring, we also regularly perform electroshock therapies to stabilize the heart rhythm
  • With acute abdominal pain for clarification, in particular for ultrasound or sectional image diagnostics
  • With allergic reactions to monitoring after adrenaline and cortisone therapies
  • With breathing distress to the lungs and the heart for ultrasound
  • With severe pain in body regions for pain therapy and further diagnostics
  • With fever for diagnosis and therapy
  • With poisoning for monitoring

Because of our broad medical specialties, our work environment is very interesting, educational and engaging.

We are currently able to extend our very friendly and happy team; both medical and nursing - that is why we are now taking APPLICATIONS.

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