Information for our Emergency Patients

As a patient, you need acute help - who do you turn to in an emergency?

You have four options: Did you know that?

1. The general practitioner: The general practitioner is your actual point of contact, even in the case of acute illnesses and injuries. If the family doctor's office is closed or on holiday, then there is a replacement or

2. The general emergency service: The general emergency service is responsible for all acute patients who can be cared for by the family doctor at so-called "inopportune times" - if he/she were available (e.g. weekend and night).

3. The emergency admission: the emergency admission is always open for you and will help you. The basic idea of the emergency department of a hospital is that it is there for patients who need the means of a hospital. This is often not always easy to know in advance. That is why some doctors send their patients to us to the emergency room - or vice versa. The doctors in the emergency room will delegate further care to the family doctor.

4. The emergency services with or without an emergency doctor: They are always there for you and will help you at home or on the street or wherever you are (from the power pole to the construction pit).

When do you contact whom?

It is often difficult even for doctors to name the right contact person - how should a layman always make the right decision? Behind symptoms that sometimes seem harmless can be dangerous illnesses, and behind injuries that look dangerous for the layman or symptoms that seem threatening; we come to the conclusion in the emergency room that sometimes, it is not as serious as it seems. And people are different - a farmer or a forester will not be bothered by minor injuries. Others may fall to the ground unconscious when they cut yourself on a piece of broken glass.

Sometimes the decision is easy:

You or someone else is so badly injured that you no doubt need medical help quickly, but for whatever reason you can not get to a doctor or go to the emergency room yourself - then call the emergency services (Tel. 112). The medical staff on duty can decide whether the emergency doctor has to go to you or not.
Otherwise, you must make the decision yourself - with common sense. Often the family doctor or the emergency medical service (Tel. 116 117) can also help you. Or you will be sent to the emergency room if you are ill. If you have the feeling that you need to come to us immediately - then come. We will always help you.


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