Ultrasound diagnostics has become indispensable in acute medicine and is subject to rapid development.

The ultrasound training in the emergency room is managed by our chief physician, Dr. med. Hempel. She is the trainer for the DEGUM II in emergency ultrasonography and is about to receive the certificate DEGUM I in echocardiography. Already as a student, she became interested in and performed many ultrasound examinations in the emergency room at the University Hospital in Jena. She deepened her skills in emergency sonography and echocardiography during a one-year residency at Harvard University at Brigham and Womens Hospital in Boston. Since then, she has been involved in as an instructor in emergency ultrasonography both in the field of medicine with DEGUM courses and with ultrasound courses for students at the University of Magdeburg. Many publications and original works as well as book contributions and congress contributions complete her unique profile in emergency sonography.

Our goal in the emergency department is training in emergency ultrasonography. This goes from simple examinations such as the FAST / FEEL examination or the ultrasound-assisted procedures (CVC system, pleural functions, ascites punctures, ...) to more complicated examinations such as the proof of appendicitis. Ultrasound is also very helpful in traumatology, e.g. Rib fractures are better detected than the X-ray. Furthermore, in the methods of examination of the thorax ultrasound, we distinguish the differentiation of various diseases in case of shortness of breath (e.g., COPD vs. heart failure) or the detection or exclusion of pneumothorax. We also teach the basic techniques of echocardiography for the assessment of valve function, pumping function and the detection or exclusion of pericardial effusion. We work closely together with the colleagues in cardiology; this will be even more interlinked in the future by the proximity to the heart center.

Medical education and training

In the emergency department, it is possible for prospective general practitioners to complete training sessions. There is a 6-month advanced training certificate for general medicine from PD Dr. med. Christian Hohenstein. Continuing medical education can be guaranteed through close cooperation with the internist departments.

More information available from: PD Dr. med. Christian Hohenstein.


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