Free Mover Clerkship / Internship at the Medical Faculty

FreeMover students organize their own practical stays abroad at a foreign university.

You are considered a FreeMover if your home university does not have a cooperation agreement (Erasmus+ or Worldwide) with the Medical Faculty in Magdeburg or if you have not been officially nominated by one of our partner universities.
The maximum length of stay for non-EU-students is 3 months. 

Since we give priority to clinical traineeships and internships to students from our partner universities, FreeMover students can only apply for the remaining places in the entire academic year from July of the respective year. We strongly recommend an application until September 15th, if you are interested in an internship in the following academic year (until August of the following academic year).
However, the prerequisite is always that capacities are still available in the desired clinics.

You can submit your application from July throughout the academic year.
Please note that your complete application documents
must be available in the portal no later than eight weeks before the planned start of your stay.

Otherwise, we cannot process your request.


Your registration and application will take place entirely online.
Some of the forms are available online on this page, other documents you have to upload yourself.
Since some documents have to be issued by your university or a doctor, please allow sufficient time.

Required documents:

  1. Proof of immunizations
    (form online - only use this form!)
  2. Certificate of enrollment from our university (German or English)
    (form online - only use this form!)
  3. Letter of motivation with desired learning objectives
  4. Letter of recommendation from a professor of your university
  5. Proof of German language skills
  6. Current transcript of records
  7. Copy of your passport
  8. Photo
  9. Proof of health insurance valid for Germany / copy of EHIC card

Please remember that you are responsible for arranging your own visa and accommodation in good time - if necessary.
We recommend that you apply for a dormitory room at the Studentenwerk.
During the semester breaks (July- September and March - April), chances are good to get a room there.

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