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 The Medical Faculty of Magdeburg fully implements the Approbationsordnung für Ärzte vom 27.6.2002 . As the largest hospital in northern Saxony-Anhalt, it ensures excellent conditions for patient-oriented practical medical training. This includes integrated, case- and problem-oriented classroom lectures as well as systematic teaching of the subject matter and self-study. The training is based on the curriculum for the degree program in human medicine Leitbild .

Of particular interest for student training is the interdisciplinary research jointly maintained by clinics and institutes. In addition to large-scale projects, a wide variety of individual research tasks are carried out in the individual institutions, which provide a good starting point for student to write a doctoral thesis.

Through a number of exchange programs with partner institutions abroad, students have the opportunity to study or conduct research in Europe and America. Students have excellent opportunities - partly supported by scholarship programs - to spend several months studying in the USA, Mexico, Chile, France, Lithuania, the Netherlands or Turkey.
Numerous new appointments of university professors from all parts of Germany indicate that the Faculty of Medicine is an attractive place for teaching and research. Special emphasis is placed on close interaction between students and university teachers. This is greatly facilitated by the relatively small number of students. Approximately 185 students are enrolled annually. In case of problems, individual appointments can be made with the individual professors. The study organization with fixed seminar groups guarantees internship and course schedules for every medical student and makes it possible to keep to the standard period of study. A very active student council is committed to student concerns.

Of great advantage is the contiguous campus in the south of the state capital of Saxony-Anhalt, with 24 clinics and 21 institutes. Only the gynecological clinic is located outside. A dormitory of the student union is located directly on campus.

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