Comfort teddies give solace to children at UMMD

17.04.2023 -  

Der Förderverein "Freunde und Förderer der Universitätsmedizin Magdeburg e.V." (The sponsoring association " Friends and Sponsors of the University Medical Center Magdeburg e.V. )had for the Zentrale Notaufnahme (Central Emergency Room) and the Pädiatrie  (Pediatrics) of the University Medical Center Magdeburg (UMMD) acquired comfort teddy bears. These cuddly companions are intended to comfort the young patients during their stay in hospital and provide them with emotional support. 


Trost-Teddy. Foto: Melitta Schubert

"Our little patients receive these teddy bears as a distraction when the shock of an accident or unexpected illness is severe. We also like to use them to bridge the time until the parents arrive and provide comfort and cuddles. Those who are particularly brave are also rewarded with such a special friend," Nurse Juliane from the Central Emergency Department tells us. "We have had the experience that it is sometimes easier to explain the necessary therapeutic and diagnostic measures to a child using a toy, in order to make it clear that a teddy bear can also be a brave patient in the emergency room or on the pediatric ward," adds Nurse Juliane, emphasizing above all the role model function of the stuffed animals.

The idea of the comfort teddy comes from the U.S. and has now spread to Germany and other countries. More and more hospitals are relying on this important support for young patients. According to doctors and nurses, the comfort teddy can help children ease their fear and pain. For this purpose, the stuffed animal has a bandage on the exact spot where the child also needs to be treated. Many parents also report that their children recover more quickly from hospital procedures because of the teddy bear.

Thanks to the support of the Sponsors' Association, the young patients at UMMD can now look forward to their cuddly companion.Förderverein übergibt Trost-Teddys an Mitarbeiter der ZNA

The sponsoring association "Freunde und Förderer der Universitätsmedizin Magdeburg e.V." presents comfort teddy bears to the ZNA team. Photo: Melitta Schubert

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