Lostau Lung Clinic: Magdeburg University Hospital and Pfeiffersche Stiftungen enter into a strategic partnership under company law

15.04.2024 -  

The University Medical Center Magdeburg (UKMD) and the Pfeiffer Foundations have decided to strengthen their existing cooperation through a corporate merger. The UKMD will receive 25.5 percent of the Lostau Lung Clinic from the Pfeiffer Foundations. The aim of this intensified partnership is to shape medical care in line with the hospital reform and the hospital report of the state of Saxony-Anhalt and at the same time to bundle capacities for innovation, research, teaching and patient care.

As part of this collaboration, both organizations will ensure that patients are provided with a joint, high-quality range of care at the highest medical level in the areas of thoracic surgery, pneumology, palliative medicine, infectiology and weaning (ventilation weaning). The areas of intensive care medicine and anesthesia as well as the surgical functional area will also work more closely together.This realignment will enable both facilities to offer patients a range of services from maximum university care to specialist clinical care in coordinated treatment paths.

Lungenklinik Lostau_PfeifferscheStiftungen_ViktoriaKühne

Photo: View of the Lung Clinic-Lostau building.Photographer: Pfeiffersche Stiftungen/Viktoria Kühne

"Magdeburg University Hospital and the Pfeiffer Foundations are entering into this strategic partnership as equal partners," says Marco Bohn, Commercial Director of Magdeburg University Hospital. "We are firmly convinced that this step is an important milestone on the way to a hospital network for cutting-edge medicine and will enable us to guarantee the highest level of care for our patients."

Michael Saffé, Commercial Director of Pfeiffersche Stiftungen, agrees and adds: "This closer connection will also have a positive impact on the employees of both partners.This includes, for example, even better training and further education in the various professional groups. This is also important for the population of the entire region, as the merger will create new services that will improve comprehensive patient care."

The partnership between UKMD and the Pfeiffersche Stiftungen is based on appreciation and mutual respect. Both parties are determined to achieve their common goals and make a sustainable contribution to healthcare in the region.

Background information

The University Hospital Magdeburg and the Pfeiffersche Stiftungen, the operator of the Lostau Lung Clinic, signed a cooperation agreement on May 12, 2023.The aim of the agreement was to expand the close future cooperation between the two institutions in various medical areas, both in terms of content and personnel. This is now being underpinned once again with the investment.

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