Medical Sunday again in the Lecture Hall

26.01.2023 -  

Topic: New possibilities in the therapy of gynecological cancers

On February 5, after a pandemic-related break, Magdeburg University Medical Center launches Medical Sunday as a face-to-face event. The topic will be "New possibilities in the therapy of gynecological cancers". The speakers Prof. Dr. Atanas Ignatov, Director of the Universitätsklinik für Frauenheilkunde, Geburtshilfe und Reproduktionsmedizin and the deputy director of the clinic, Dr. Svetlana Tchaikovski, will provide information about new treatment options for gynecological cancers. The event begins at 10:30 a.m. in University Lecture Hall 1, Building 26 (near the university library) on Pfälzer Strasse. Admission is free.

Gynecologic cancers are among the most common malignancies in women. These include cancer of the external genitals, uterus and ovaries. The experts will provide information on current diagnostics and therapy developments at Magdeburg University Women's Hospital.

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One important topic is early cancer detection. "The last few years have shown strong medical progress in this area. This means significantly better chances of treatment for the patients concerned, because the earlier the disease is detected, the better the chances of treatment," says Prof. Ignatov.

Prof. Ignatov and PD Dr. Tchaikovski will explain in detail the various possibilities to detect (still) benign diseases in time and also to identify already malignant diseases as early as possible and thus to treat them optimally.

Medical Sunday is a cooperation between the Urania Magdeburg e.V., of the Volksstimme  and Magdeburg University Medical Center. The medical Sundays provide insights into numerous medical topics. Experts in their respective fields provide information on symptoms, state-of-the-art diagnostics and therapy options at the highest scientific level. After the lectures, interested parties have the opportunity to discuss their questions directly with the physicians. 

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