Midwifery students' first buddy day

13.03.2023 -  

In the winter semester of 2022/2023, the second cohort of midwifery students began their academic training at Magdeburg University Medical Center. At the beginning of March, the Buddy Day was held, which brought together the two previous cohorts. "Since the theoretical part of the training is completed at the university in Halle and the practical part at the university hospital in Magdeburg, we as employers rarely have the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with the students in a personal setting," says Josefine Börstler, Head of Academic Midwifery Training at Unimedizin Magdeburg. The Buddy Day was intended to change that. In a relaxed atmosphere, the 19 exclusively female students had the opportunity to get to know each other, exchange experiences, and network. And there was a lot to talk about because the new class had just completed their first practical assignment.

The aim of the event was also to further improve the quality of the training by working closely with the students. For example, it was discussed what would help students learn and practice, how best to implement the transfer of knowledge into practice, and what issues need to be clarified before the next practical assignment.

The event was well received by all participants and a repeat is planned for next year.Hebammen Buddy-Tag

Hebammen-Studierende beim ersten Buddy-Tag, Foto: privat

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