New diagnostic and therapeutic methods for thyroid diseases

13.03.2023 -  

Binational Interdisciplinary Medical Symposium of the Thyroid Section of the German Society and the Austrian Thyroid Society in Magdeburg

Experts from Magdeburg University Medical Center and renowned international experts will meet for a Germany- and Austria-wide interdisciplinary symposium on March 17 and 18, 2023, at the Festung Mark. The meeting is under the scientific direction of Prof. Michael Kreißl, MD, who heads the Department of Nuclear Medicine at the University Medical Center Magdeburg, and Dr. Wolfgang Buchinger, MD, for theÖsterreichische Schilddrüsengesellschaft from Graz. The speakers come from the fields of endocrinology, surgery, pathology, nuclear medicine and various areas of internal medicine. At the symposium, they will present current findings on the diagnosis and therapy of various thyroid diseases, in particular thyroid carcinoma, from the perspective of their respective fields.

This is already the 52nd annual meeting der Sektion Schilddrüse der Deutschen Gesellschaft, which this time focuses on "evidence-based thyroid medicine". Evidence, i.e. acting on the basis of scientific knowledge, influences clinical practice and also guidelines. The conference aims to promote an open discourse among all experts with regard to the existing evidence.

Through the cooperation with the Österreichischen Schilddrüsengesellschaft (OSDG) and with Prof. Dr. Peter Kopp, Past-President of the American Thyroid Association (ATA), as keynote speaker and discussant, very interesting international perspectives will also be provided.

During the two symposium days, numerous lectures on the topic of thyroid disease will be presented in three thematic blocks. „Many different areas of focus will be covered and various options for diagnosis and treatment of thyroid disease will be discussed. In addition, there will also be presentations on basic research in thyroidology. I am looking forward to the scientific exchange with numerous colleagues", says Prof. Kreißl.

Weitere Informationen erhalten Sie auf der Website der Jahrestagung der Sektion Schilddrüse 2022/2023.

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