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30.01.2023 -  

For World Cancer Day on February 4, 2023:

Services of the Psychosozialen Krebsberatungsstelle are open to all patients with cancer and their relatives - even after the acute oncological treatment phase.

The Psychosocial Cancer Counseling Center Magdeburg, headed by Prof. Dr. Florian Junne, Director of the  Universitätsklinik für Psychosomatische Medizin und Psychotherapie, is available with its counseling team for free counseling sessions for cancer patients and their relatives.

The psycho-oncological counseling service has established itself as an integral and relevant part of the holistic treatment of cancer patients.

Prof. Junne says: "Cancer can also represent a massive psychological burden for those affected and their relatives, and in some cases create complex social emergencies or a need for counseling and support. This is where the psychosocial cancer counseling centers make a valuable contribution. With the help of outpatient psychosocial counseling, patients can work through both emotional and social concerns."

Team Psychosoziale Krebsberatungsstelle_UMMD

Team of the Psychosocial Cancer Counseling Center at the University Medical Center Magdeburg. f. l.: J. Scholz, S. Hoppe, J. Uiffinger, R. Hoffmann, C. Busch
Photographer: Melitta Schubert/ UMMD

The psychological stress caused by the diagnosis and treatment of cancer sometimes requires long-term support, which neither doctors' practices nor clinics can provide to a sufficient extent. Moreover, quite a few patients do not begin to deal with their own psychological stress experience until after the end of acute medical oncological treatment and then also benefit in the course of counseling offers.

Emotional relief, the use of resources or the identification of the outpatient social support system of the health insurance or pension insurance can, for example, be addressed.

This is how a 27-year-old family member who took advantage of the counseling service assessed it: "I particularly liked the fact that you are very well guided to develop your own strategies and that appropriate action was encouraged. I still have great respect for this disease, but it now has less power over the way I live my life. Thank you very much for this!"


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