Start of the semester at Magdeburg University Medical Hospital

06.10.2022 -  

The new winter semester 2022/23 has begun and a total of 195 medical students and 10 master's students in the immunology program have started this year's orientation.

A warm welcome to the Faculty of Medicine at Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg was extended by Dean Prof. Dr. Daniela Dieterich and Dean of Studies Prof. Dr. Christoph Lohmann on October 4 during the orientation ceremony at the start of this year's first-year students in the Human Medicine program and the Master's program in Immunology. This year, a total of 195 students were enrolled in the Human Medicine program. In addition, 10 students are beginning their studies in the Master's program in Immunology. During the orientation period, the students get their first taste of campus life and gain insights into the organization of studies, library work and e-learning. At the end of the week, the first introductory lectures start. The semester officially begins on October 10.

Start der Einführungstage an der Med. Fakultät Magdeburg im WS 22_23_Fotografin Sarah Kossmann (002)

Photo: Induction ceremony at the Medical Faculty Magdeburg in the winter semester 2022/23.
Photographer: Sarah Kossmann/UMMD

Dean Prof. Dieterich emphasized: "I am very happy to welcome our new students in presence on campus. The interaction of our students with the lecturers, the physicians, the nursing professions and, of course, our patients sets the foundation for your later qualification as physicians, but also as communicators, scientists in the health care system and in society. Especially in times when medical studies and the demands on practicing physicians are changing rapidly, this form of direct knowledge transfer is particularly valuable." 

In the 4th year of the "class of family physicians (m, w, d)", among other things, 9 students from the rural quota are introduced to family medicine, for example, with regular practice days with established general practitioners under the organizational coordination of Dr. Robin John within the competence center HAWIRA. With approx. 89 percent of the 195 first-year students of human medicine, most of the medical students come from Germany, 32 of them from the state of Baden-Württemberg. 20 international students come from Albania, Egypt, Bulgaria, Greece, Iraq, Iran, Israel, Cameroon, Austria, Sweden, Switzerland, Syria, the Czech Republic, Turkey and Ukraine, among other countries.


In accordance with the regulations of the 18th Containment Ordinance of the State of Saxony-Anhalt and the Infection Protection Act, masks are mandatory during teaching events, as well as SARS-CoV-2 antigen testing, especially during teaching events with patients contact.

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Photos: Impressions from the Campus Rally.
Photographer: Melitta Schubert/UMMD

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