State-of-the-art equipment optimizes radiotherapy at Magdeburg University Hospital

18.01.2024 -  

Two new, state-of-the-art devices are in use at the University Clinic for Radiotherapy Magdeburg. The TBI-Board (Total Body Irradiation) and the ExacTrac from Brainlab were specifically selected to supplement the existing equipment. "With their integration, we not only achieve faster and more precise irradiation, but also enable customization to the individual needs of our patients," emphasizes PD Dr Daniel Medenwald, Head of the Clinic for Radiotherapy in Magdeburg. These innovations not only guarantee gentler treatments, but also increase precision when irradiating tumors, to the benefit of patients.

The TBI board is a swivel-mounted positioning aid made of carbon that has been specially developed for whole-body radiotherapy.The special feature of this board is the improved lung protection for the patient, which is made possible by the precise positioning.

TBI Board

Photo: The TBI board (Total Body Irradiation) is a swivel-mounted positioning aid made of carbon that was specially developed for total body irradiation.
Photographer: Sarah Kossmann/UMMD

The second new acquisition is the ExacTrac system. This enables precise irradiation in the sub-millimetre range and at the same time very accurately compensates for patient movements, for example during breathing. The surrounding tissue is spared thanks to the precise irradiation of the affected areas. Thanks to this technology, surrounding organs such as the heart can be treated gently, particularly in the area of breast and lung irradiation.


Photo: The ExacTrac system enables precise irradiation in the submillimetre range and simultaneously compensates for patient movements.
Photographer: Sarah Kossmann/UMMD

The investment in this state-of-the-art equipment demonstrates the University Medical Center Magdeburg's efforts to continuously improve radiotherapy and offer patients the highest possible standard of care.The introduction of the TBI-Board and ExacTrac not only increases the efficiency of treatment, but also optimizes safety and comfort for patients. These new acquisitions are unique in Saxony-Anhalt and help to ensure that patients in the state have access to state-of-the-art treatment methods.

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