The Future of the Hospital Landscape

09.06.2023 -  

Which medical services does which hospital offer? Where, to what extent and with what quality can the best possible care for patients be provided in the future? Which interventions are necessary and which are avoidable? – On the occasion of the recently published report on the hospital landscape of Saxony-Anhalt by the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs, Health and Equality of Saxony-Anhalt, representatives of hospitals from all over Saxony-Anhalt, the German Hospital Association and the statutory health insurance funds, among others, discussed the issue alongside Saxony-Anhalt's Minister of Health Petra Grimm-Benne and Saxony-Anhalt's Minister of Finance Michael Richter.

"The hospital report confirms that we are on the right track with the change process that has already been initiated in the state. The report has provided us with a very good data basis and impetus with which we can continue to work in hospital planning - also taking into account the upcoming federal hospital reform - in order to ensure nationwide care of the best possible quality," said Health Minister Petra Grimm-Benne.. She also emphasized the importance of telemedicine approaches and the possibilities of digitization, which are currently being expanded and will have to be used even more in the future.

Finance Minister Michael Richter commented, "The stated goal is to better utilize sites, equipment and devices, especially in times of scarce resources."

Prof. Dr. Hans-Jochen Heinze, Medical Director of Magdeburg University Hospital emphasized that "in a changing hospital landscape, university hospitals will have to take on a collaborative and coordinating role in the future to ensure the best possible health care."

Prof. Dr. Thomas Moesta, Medical Director and Chairman of the Hospital Board of the Universitätsklinikums Halle (Saale) fThe Halle University Medical Center will seek discussions with all those involved in the reform process under the premise of "cooperation instead of competition" in order to ensure the best possible medical care for patients in the state. As a relevant service provider, we want to create synergies in the network and assume responsibility as an active promoter of a "healthy", increasingly aging society".

The "First Joint Regional Conference of Hospitals in the State of Saxony-Anhalt" was hosted by the University Medical Center Halle and the University Medical Center Magdeburg. The event is the follow-up to the two regional conferences "Staged Care Saxony-Anhalt".Regionalkonferenz

Photo: At the "First Joint Regional Conference of Hospitals in Saxony-Anhalt", the University Medical Centers in Halle and Magdeburg discussed the new hospital report with representatives of the healthcare industry. (from left: Prof. Dr. Thomas Moesta, Christiane Becker, Marco Bohn, Minister Petra Grimm-Benne, Minister Michael Richter, Prof. Dr. Hans-Jochen Heinze, Alexander Beblacz)
Source: University Medicine Halle

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