University Medicine Magdeburg invites you to the 2nd Magdeburg Artificial Heart Evening

15.05.2024 -  

Under the motto "Mechanical Circulatory Support", Magdeburg University Hospital is organising the 2nd Magdeburg Artificial Heart Evening. During this event, the artificial heart team from the University Clinic for Cardiac and Thoracic Surgery Magdeburg will provide exciting insights into the latest research findings and clinical developments.

The University Clinic for Cardiac and Thoracic Surgery Magdeburg, under the direction of Prof. Dr Jens Wippermann, cordially invites you to the second symposium on the topic of artificial hearts on 22 May 2024. The event will take place in the Gesellschaftshaus Magdeburg and is aimed at interested medical colleagues.

The programme begins at 18:00 with a welcome address by the clinic director Prof. Wippermann. Afterwards, experts will give a comprehensive overview of the advances in artificial heart care and present the latest technologies that reflect the changing times.

An experience report by specialist nurse Julia Wilhelm and Maxi Irrgang, members of the artificial heart team (VAD team), together with a patient, will provide an in-depth insight into the handling and coordination of a VAD (ventricular assist device).

An artificial heart, or VAD for short, is a mechanical pump that is used when the heart's natural pumping function, i.e. cardiac output, is extremely limited. The implanted pump ensures that the natural path of the blood from the ventricle is maintained.

Nowadays, some symptoms of heart failure can be treated with medication, pacemakers and defibrillators, but the progression of the disease is unstoppable.In LVAD therapy, such a system is implanted in the apex of the left ventricle when its pumping capacity is no longer sufficient. This enables the body to receive an adequate supply of oxygen-rich blood after the procedure. Heart transplantation is available as an alternative.

For some years now, artificial heart systems have offered the possibility of permanently improving blood circulation and have established themselves as a long-term treatment option for this group of patients. 88 such systems have already been implanted at Magdeburg University Hospital. These artificial pumps represent the last chance for these patients to prolong and improve their lives.

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