Women in medical science

15.04.2024 -  

Farewell lecture by medical historian Prof Dr Eva Brinkschulte

Professor Brinkschulte has headed the Department of History, Ethics and Theory of Medicine at the Faculty of Medicine at Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg since 2003.

What: Farewell lecture "Making woman visible - women in medical science" Prof Dr Eva Brinkschulte

When: 18 April 2024, 16:00 hrs

Where:New Lecture Hall, House 7, Medical Faculty Campus, Leipziger Str. 44, 39120 Magdeburg.

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Prof. Dr. Eva Brinkschulte_Fotografin Sarah Kossmann_UMMD

Photo: Prof Dr Eva Brinkschulte retires with a farewell lecture. Photographer: Sarah Kossmann/University Medicine Magdeburg

In her farewell lecture, Professor Brinkschulte will dedicate herself to a topic that she has tirelessly pursued for over 30 years - women's and gender studies in the history of medicine and science.The medical historian explains: "Women's and gender studies were a novelty in the history of medicine and science in the 1980s, but today they are an essential part of our understanding of medical practice and scientific development." She will talk about the history of development from the emergence of women's medical studies to the fields of activity of the first female doctors and their entry into the world of science.She will also shed light on the organisation of the "Association of German Women Doctors" in the Weimar period and the role of women doctors during National Socialism and in the post-war period. "It is crucial to honour the achievements of past pioneers in medical research and practice, especially in light of the growing presence of female doctors in the 21st century. My farewell lecture will highlight how these remarkable women have made their way despite many adversities, making lasting contributions that have transcended their time," said Brinkschulte.

About the person

Prof. Dr phil. Eva Brinkschulte, born in 1954, studied history and sociology at the Free University (FU) of Berlin, where she also completed her doctorate and habilitation.Brinkschulte worked as a research assistant and later as an assistant at the Institute for the History of Medicine at FU Berlin and the Centre for Human and Health Sciences at Berlin University Medicine (now Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin) and was also involved as a women's representative for the Department of Natural and Social Sciences Basic Medicine and Medical Ecology.Her research interests include historical women's and gender studies in medicine, the history of patients and hospitals in the 19th and 20th centuries and the media culture of medicine.She served on the board of the German Medical History Association and was Chair of the Society for the History of Science, Medicine and Technology (GWMT) from 2020 to 2023.In 2018, she also founded the Clinical Ethics Committee (KEK) at the University Medical Centre Magdeburg (UMMD), which she has chaired ever since.

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