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The Psychosocial Cancer Counseling Center is open to all patients with cancer and their relatives nationwide - even after the acute oncological treatment phase.

In 2024, the "Psychosocial Cancer Counseling Center" at the University Clinic for Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy in Magdeburg under the direction of Prof. Dr. med. Florian Junne is celebrating its 15th anniversary. The free service is not only aimed at cancer patients at any stage of the disease, but is also available to relatives who may be affected by the cancer of a family member or friend.

R. Hoffmann und J. Scholz_UMMD

Photo: (from left) R. Hoffmann and J. Scholz at the patient information stand of the Psychosocial Cancer Counseling Center at the Family Information Day 2023 in the Johanniskirche Magdeburg.
Source: UMMD

Psycho-oncological counseling has established itself in practice as a fixed and relevant component of holistic treatment for cancer patients.

A cancer diagnosis can mean having to find your way in a completely new life situation as an individual, as a couple or as a family, without initially having any orientation. Various feelings such as worries, fears and depression can arise and also need to be dealt with, which in turn can be experienced as stressful by those affected. This is precisely where the DKG-certified psycho-oncological staff at the cancer counseling center can provide relief. Together, new perspectives and resources can be developed so that the illness can gradually be overcome emotionally.

In addition to personal and confidential psycho-oncological discussions, support is also offered for social issues. This means that tasks such as applying for benefits from care and health insurance companies and rehabilitation providers, drawing up health care proxies or living wills, professional reintegration and dealing with authorities and government agencies do not have to be dealt with independently.

Collaborations, including with self-help groups, clinics and specialists from the outpatient care sector, complement the broad spectrum of services. The ongoing adaptation to current developments is reflected in the continuous expansion of telephone and internet-based services offered by the cancer advice center. Consultations can also be held by telephone or online on request. This is of particular benefit to those affected who are not mobile or have a long journey. This means that people in Saxony-Anhalt can also be reached who are unable to visit one of the locations at the University Medical Center Magdeburg (Leipziger Straße 44, Haus 14, 39120 Magdeburg), the University Women's Hospital Magdeburg or the Burg branch, but who would still like to take advantage of psycho-oncological or social counseling.

Interested persons are invited to make an appointment by telephone on 0391/6721241 or by email ().

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