"Pfleg-O-Mat" enables nursing staff and nursing students at Magdeburg University Hospital to plan their careers optimally

22.01.2024 -  

University Medicine Magdeburg is taking an innovative step in personnel marketing and introducing the "Pfleg-O-Mat", a tool for nursing professionals and nursing students to discover their ideal field of work and shape their own career.

With the Pfleg-O-Mat, the University Medical Center Magdeburg (UMMD) relies on an online tool for career planning for nursing staff, which is used to identify individual strengths and wishes in order to find the right area of work. The focus is on personalized career planning in order to increase employee satisfaction and enable efficient personnel deployment planning.

Dr. Stefan Waßmann_Foto Melitta Schubert UMMD

Photo: Dr. Stefan Waßmann, occupational psychologist at the University Medical Center Magdeburg. Photographer: Melitta Schubert/UMMD

With the help of specific questions developed by occupational psychologist Dr. Stefan Waßmann and nursing staff from various areas of work at Magdeburg University Medical Center, skills, interests and goals are recorded and tailored recommendations for work areas within UMMD are generated on this basis.The aim is to increase employee satisfaction and enable efficient staff deployment planning. The Pfleg-O-Mat enables nursing staff to find the job that best suits their qualifications and ambitions.

Against the backdrop of the nationwide shortage of nursing staff, Magdeburg University Hospital is taking numerous measures to increase employee satisfaction and retain specialists in the most suitable area of work in the long term. One of these measures is the introduction of the Pfleg-O-Mat.
Further information can be found at:  https://www.med.uni-magdeburg.de/pflegomat.html 

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