Supervisory Board


Herr Prof. Dr. Armin Willingmann 
Minister of Economics, Science and Digitization

The University Hospital Magdeburg (UKMD) is an incorporated public institution (A.ö.R.) ) as of January 1, 2006. The supervisory board is an organ of the university hospital according to §9 Abs. 1 University Medical Act of the state of Saxony-Anhalt (HMG LSA) and works on the basis of §10 HMG LSA.

The supervisory Board is responsible for the following:
At the suggestion of the hospital board, the supervisory board decides on its structural, development planning, controls and advises the head of the hospital. In particular, the Supervisory Board ensures that the University Hospital complies with the duties incumbent upon it in accordance with § 8 (1) HMG LSA. The supervisory board has extensive information, inspection and examination rights regarding the documents and procedures of the University Hospital.

Structure of the Supervisory Board

Prof. Dr. Armin Willingmann
Minister of Economics, Science and Digitization

André Schröder
Finance Minister of Sachsen-Anhalt

Petra Grimm-Benne
Minister of Labors, Social Affairs and Integration

Anja Simon

External Representative with Economic and Scientific Knowledge
Commercial Director of the University Clinic of Würzburg

Prof. Dr. med. dent. Reiner Biffar
External Representative/Expert in Medical Research and Teaching at the University Hospital in Greifswald K.d.ö.R.

Prof. Dr. med. Klaus Höffken
External Representative with a University Degree in Medicine and Experience in Management in a University Clinic
Medical Director and Chairman of the Board at the University Hospital in Düsseldorf (until 2017)

René Szymkowiak
Representative of Personnel on recommendation of the Employee Council of the University Clinic of Magdeburg A.ö.R.)

Prof. Dr. Jens Strackeljan
Principal of the Otto-von-Guericke University of Magdeburg


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