Faculty Board

Members of the Faculty Board

According to § 3 Abs. 1 HMA LSA in the current office:


Rothkoetter Herr Prof. Dr. med. H.-J. Rothkötter
Dean and Chairman of the Board

Tel.: 0391-67-15750 oder -13600
Fax: 0391-67-15749

Prof. Arens Herr Prof. Dr. med. Chr. Arens
Vice Dean of Structure

Tel.: 0391-67-13800
Fax: 0391-67-13806

Herr Prof. Dr. med. B. Schraven
VIce Dean of Research

Tel.: 0391-67-15800
Fax: 0391-67-15852


Frodl Thomas

Herr Prof. Dr. med. Th. Frodl
Dean of Students

Tel.: 0391-67-15029
Fax: 0391-67-15223


Herr Prof. Dr. med. H.-J. Heinze
Medical Director

Tel.: 0391-67-15758
Fax: 0391-67-15757


Porträt Dr. Stachel

Frau Dr. Kerstin Stachel
Commercial Director (Advisor)

Tel.: 0391-67-15900
Fax: 0391-67-15932



The faculty board is gem. § 1 Abs. 3 University Medical Act of the State of Saxony-Anhalt (HMG LSA) an organ of the faculty and heads the faculty. The faculty board is gem. § 3 (4) HMG LSA is responsible for all faculty matters, unless otherwise provided in this Act:

  • Supervision of the research and teaching facilities associated with the faculty
  • Decision on the assignment of the members of the scientific service and other faculty members
  • Responsible for the economic use of resources allocated to the Faculty of Research and Teaching
  • Regular briefing of the Faculty Council on all important matters.

In addition, the faculty board has in particular the following tasks:

  • Establishment of structure and development plans of the faculty preparation of target agreements
  • Votes with the hospital board
  • Establish principles for the distribution and use of research and teaching grants
  • Allocation and distribution of grants
  • Submission of appointment proposals to the Faculty Council
  • Development of proposals for the functional description of professorial positions for the Faculty Board
  • Preparation of the budget proposal, the business plan, the annual accounts and the explanatory report.

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