Welcome to the UMR University Hospital Magdeburg Cleaning Service GmbH!


UMR Universitätsklinikum Magdeburg Reinigungsservice GmbH was founded on 01.10.2017 as a subsidiary of the University Hospital Magdeburg A.ö.R. As the majority shareholder of the new subsidiary, UKMD owns 51% of the shares and our new know-how partner, who is responsible for the operating business, the Weidemann Group and, as a minority shareholder, 49% of the shares.

The duties of the UMR GmbH takes place on the Campus Leipziger Straße, in the UFK, Gerhart-Hauptmann-Straße, and in the training center for health professionals, Emanuel-Larisch-Weg.

More than 150 employees work every day to carry out all types of cleaning. These mainly include maintenance cleaning, surgical cleaning, bed preparation, glass, basic and special cleaning of all kinds.

Below is an overview of the contact persons who are in charge of the operative management in the respective departments of UMR GmbH:

Function Name Phone Beeper
Property Management Sylvia Westpfahl 67-13698 80 0098
Property Management N. N. 67-13697  
Forewoman - Maintenance Cleaning UKMD Sylvia Waniek 67-14347 80 0099
Forewoman - Maintenance Cleaning UKMD Petra Strechel 67-13697 80 1100
Forewoman - Maintenance Cleaning UKMD Ingrid Eschrich 67-17436 80 1104
Team Leader- Bed Preparation Marina Gallrein 67-21778 80 1105

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