Central Pharmacy






Dr. rer. nat. Stefanie Zibolka 

Universitätsklinikum Magdeburg A.ö.R.
Central Pharmacy
Leipziger Str. 44
39120 Magdeburg

House 6/House 26a






Chief Secretary/ Document Management (QMS)

Ilona Flörcke

Tel.: 0391-67-15941
Fax: 0391-67-13049



The central pharmacy of the University Hospital has a variety of tasks and a broad range of services.

All wards and departments of the 26 clinics and 19 institutes of the University Medical Hospital Magdeburg are supplied with pharmaceuticals, medical devices, infusions, on-site manufacturing, clinical investigational products, disinfectants, modern wound dressings as well as laboratory diagnostics.

In addition to the cost-effective production of various medications, the company's own pharmaceutical  production also enables patient-centered drug therapy, e.g. by individual cytostatic preparation, production of mixed infusions for total parenteral nutrition (TPN), development and preparation of child-appropriate dosage forms and dosages.

The high quality of the in-house production can be guaranteed by the pharmaceutical analysis of raw materials and end products, constant in-process controls and plausibility checks of individual patient requirements.

The central pharmacy is available to the medical and nursing staff of the University Hospital every day around the clock as a competent point of contact for a wide range of questions relating to medications and contributes to the optimal care of patients through independent provision of information.

Pharmacoeconomic consulting, consumption controlling and strategic purchasing enable optimal use of existing resources.

The central pharmacy works closely with the other pharmacies affiliated with the Joint Purchasing Department of North German University Pharmacies (GENUA) in all matters relating to the optimal supply of medicines.

The range of services is supplemented by in-house training on pharmaceutical issues, outpatient prescription accounting, the management of the Drug Commission, participation in clinical trials, and participation in numerous committees and working groups.


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