Our researchers presented their work at AAIC

01.08.2018 -  

The Alzheimer’s Association Internal Conference (AAIC) is the world largest and most influential international conference dedicated to advancing dementia science. In total, 6,500 participants composed of researchers from academic and non-academic institutions, pharma and companies contributed to an amazing event. Among them, scientists of the DZNE sites proudly shared their results and recent findings either by talks in different symposia or presentation of several posters. Remarkably, seven researchers of the DZNE site Magdeburg presented their work at the AAIC in Chicago, Illinois this year.


A neuroimaging symposium on amyloid and tau pathology was chaired by William James Jagust (University of California, Berkeley, USA) and the speaker of the Magdeburg site Emrah Düzel. This symposium was aimed to present an overview of the early network distribution patterns of amyloid and tau pathology as well as recent neuroimaging data from fMRI studies using different memory tasks in ageing and AD cohorts and to describe the specific functional memory pathways that are involved. Furthermore the scientists showed how amyloid and tau pathology, measured by CSF and PET, affect functional processing and connectivity in distinct brain networks and related memory functions in aging and AD. By relating pathology to pathway-specific facets of memory this symposium helped dissecting the cognitive impact of tau and amyloid.

Sharing the stage with renowned scientist (e.g. Oskar Hansson, Lund University, Sweden) DZNE young scientist demonstrated their excellent research. Selected contributions were:

  • David Berron: Effects of Age and Tau Measured in CSF on Mnemonic Discrimination of Objects and Scenes in Medial Temporal Lobe Pathways (talk)
  • Matthew Betts: Relationship between locus coeruleus MRI contrast, cognition and CSF biomarkers in aging and Alzheimer’s disease (talk)
  • Emrah Düzel: Association between Neural Novelty Response and CSF Biomarkers of Alzheimer’s Disease: Anatomical Specificity and Dependence on Atrophy (talk)
  • Anne Maaß: Effects of Tau and Amyloid Deposition Measured By PET on Domain-Specific Memory Function in Old Age (talk)
  • Coraline Metzger: Relationship between Local Restingstate Activity, ß-Amyloid Deposition and Memory Performance in the Dzne - Longitudinal Cognitive Impairment and Dementia Study (DELCODE) (poster)
  • Daniel Preiß: Cortical Atrophy in AD-Related Primary Progressive Aphasia Affects the Entire Left Hemisphere Language Network (poster)

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