Marketing, Communication und Media

„You cannot not communicate.“ (Paul Watzlawick)

The most important prerequisite for successful marketing is, of course, to offer medical and nursing services at the highest level. In addition, however, under growing economic pressure, the communication and presentation of these services to the outside world has become necessary - transparent, but also effective in advertising, without exceeding ethical and moral limits.

We combine clinic marketing with the internal as well as external corporate communication of the entire company - in terms of content, appearance and time.

Typical tasks include the implementation of various communication / advertising campaigns and media work. We monitor the social media channels and update and supervise content-related maintenance of the homepage, but also the development and management of internal communication channels like e.g. the intranet. We also plan and support at main events or in the implementation of graphic products in the print and online sectors. In addition, we evaluate competitor analyzes and support strategic and crisis communication.

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