Editorial Staff


What does the editorial team do?

The editorial team is the official link between internal and external, current and up-to-date news, events, faculty/doctors/nurses/staff of UMMD and audience all over the world. We work closely with the MKM teams, layout, organization and media service as our interfaces. We create cross-media content for our communication channels such as: News / UMMD homepage, press releases / UMMD homepage, daily media monitor / e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, magazine UMMD magazine, news on the intranet (intraveNews).

So that all employees and the general public are sufficiently informed about major project topics such as data protection, patient discharge management or structural changes to the UMMD, we work together with the board members of the hospital and the faculty to create editorial content accordingly.

In addition, we support all areas of UMMD in their website maintenance and design.

We would like to further intensify the topic of video production and create visual anchors for the UMMD in various ways in the field of digital media.

Our Portfolio

Communication Channels:

  • Social Media: Facebook, Twitter
  • Media monitor as an e-mail
  • Press releases for UMMD website and by e-mail
  • Magazine UMMD magazine internally and externally (print and online version)
  • UMMD patient guide (print and online version)
  • News on the intranet: intraveNews

Team Members Editorial Staff + Press Office


  • Press and Public Relations
  • Social Media
  • Search Engine Optimisation

Tel.: 0391-67-27120


  • Organization and Coordination of Administrative Processes

Tel.: 0391-67-27121



  • Editorial Staff
  • Online Editorial
  • Social Media

Tel.: 0391-67-27122


  • Website Editing

Tel.: 0391-67-27127


  • Website Editing
  • Editorial Staff

Tel.: 0391-67-27128

Oropesa Benitez

  • Content Producer in the Field of Video Production
  • Organization and Implementation of Marketing Campaigns

Tel.: 0391-67-27129

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