Medical devices and research infrastructure

One of the most important goals of Magdeburg University Medical Center is to combine the two main research areas - neuroscience and immunology - and thus to work on the topic of neuro-immune communication and interaction at the highest scientific level. For this purpose, it is necessary to expand and improve the method inventory with new equipment and measurement systems. Another goal is the establishment of highly specialized service facilities, such as a microscopy platform, in which cost- and support-intensive techniques and methods are professionally available for various users.

Within the framework of the Medical Equipment Program, a total of 9 million euros in funding from the European Union can be used to procure new research equipment at the Medical Faculty of Otto von Guericke University. More than 50 medical devices and systems could thus be provided to 31 institutes and clinics, and further procurements and installations are in preparation. Some outstanding examples in these programs are:

  • CT measuring station with robotics with combined fluoroscopy for minimally invasive radiology (ZS/2019/01/96542)
  • Intravital 2-photon microscopy with multiple fluorescence excitation, among others, for the investigation of the immune response in real time in the living organism (ZS/2020/05/141393)
  • Flow cytometer for individualized therapy in tumor treatments by systematic recording of the immune profile (ZS2020/03/106668)
  • Whole-head MEG device with magnetometer sensors (ZS/2016/09/81209)


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