Corona medical equipment

Through the "Medical Equipment Corona" program, the state of Saxony-Anhalt provides funding to the state's medical faculties for the acquisition of medical equipment to combat, prevent, study, and treat coronavirus (ZS/2021/155555). At OVGU, these funds will be used to establish and expand diagnostic and therapeutic capabilities that are particularly important for detecting infection, studying antibody response, and developing targeted therapies. The aim is to develop scientific foundations through an expansion, in particular, of the research activities, which will also allow dealing with subsequent pandemics:

  • automated test line to increase screening activities
  • sequencing equipment to expand the sequencing of the viral genome
  • Optimization of the equipment of an S3 laboratory for virus cultivation and breath diagnostics
  • Measuring stand for aerosol measurement
  • Equipment for dynamic analysis of the vascular system in the eye for detection of severe progressions


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