Pastoral Care at the University Hospital

A hospital stay is a time of crisis for the patients and their relatives: something has happened that "throws all those involved off track" and raises questions: "Why is this happening to me?" - "What is actually going on with me? - How should it go on?" - What is really important to me?

To be faced with such questions, one must ask consciously and is a chance to discover personal answers in a time of uncertainty and the unknown.

With questions come, the search for meaning and values; this search is always also a spiritual one - independent of religious ties.

We pastors are at your service to accompany you a part of the way during this time. We want to encourage you to look at your life, this personal journey you are on to examine and to create a more meaningful one.

The pastoral care in the University Hospital is supported by the Protestant and Catholic Church and sees itself as an open invitation for all people who are in the clinic as patients, relatives and also as employees in medicine, care and research.

Ask us - via the ward, the telephone or the Internet.

Outside our office hours, we can be reached in an emergency via the telephone switchboard.

Contact Partners

Stephan Bernstein (Protestant Priest)
House 60a, Telephone 0391-67-14220
Women's Clinic, Telephone 0391-67-17424


 Pfarrer Christoph Kunz

Christoph Kunz (Catholic Priest)
 House 60a, Telephone: 0391-67-14016

We are also happy to offer a blessing for the sick, bring communion or the Lord's Supper or celebrate the sacrament of the anointing of the sick - just contact us.

Rooms of Slience

The rooms of silence in the entrance area of House 60a and in the gynecological clinic are open to you around the clock, if you wish to escape for a while.

  • - for a time of rest
  • - for reflection
  • - for a prayer.

These rooms are an oasis in the middle of everyday hospital life.

Raum der Stille 2017               UFK - Raum der Stille

Room of Silence - House 60a                                                 Room of Silence - University Women's Clinic

Mass in the Room of Stillness

On every first Sunday of the month and certain feast days, a meditative Catholic service takes place here at 18.00 o'clock. Patients and employees of the clinic as well as guests from all walks of life are invited to celebrate mass for the soul in this beautiful room.

For further offers in the room of silence, we’d like to refer you to the notices in the pastoral care area.

Funeral for „stillborn“ children („Butterfly Children“)

Twice a year, children under 500 grams, who could not or only briefly see the light of this world are buried in a dignified manner. For this, there is a special grave site on the Westfriedhof.

This celebration takes place on the Wednesday before Easter as well as on the third Wednesday in October at 11 o'clock. Further information can be downloaded as PDF-File or obtained from the hospital chaplains.

Next dates in 2023:

  • 5 April 2023
  • 18 October 2023

Memorial Day for Deceased Children – Candle Lighting Day

The World Day of Remembrance for Deceased Children takes place annually on the 2nd Sunday in December. In Magdeburg, a working group of the "Stiftung Netzwerk Leben" and the hospital pastoral care invites everyone to the Catholic cathedral St. Sebastian (in the city centre) at 16.30 o'clock on this day.

There is also a special memorial place for deceased children: "fermate" (pause), where you can light a candle and write something for your child in a book.

The next date is 9 December 2023. The church will be open from 10.00 a.m.

NEU: Pastoral Care and Mindfulness

Employees in the clinic perform service for people in medicine and care. Good care, however, always requires good self-care, and so there are now several offers for employees in the University Hospital in appreciation for their attentiveness and hard-work:

Open House in mindfulness meditation:

Just come and try it out!

Wednesdays at 5pm: 20 minute sitting meditation - in the gym in the orthopaedic department, house 8

Meditation meeting place for mindfulness practitioners:

An offer for all who already have experiences in mindfulness exercises.

14 days: Once a week on Mondays from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. with sitting meditation, walking meditation and mindful yoga - in the gym of orthopaedics, house 8.

This eight-week course in mindfulness-based stress reduction is offered regularly at the clinic. Further information and upcoming dates can be found here

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