FME Doctoral Scholarships

Twice a year, funding can be applied for to support doctoral students at OVGU in the form of a doctoral scholarship. Objectives, funding requirements, type and scope of funding, applications, obligations and selection procedures are described in theAusschreibung (see below) 

Please submit your completed application electronically (one pdf file, electronically readable) by January 15 or July 01, no later than 12:00 p.m. each day, at.  or in the unit for research..


Please use only the following documents for application and notification purposes:

Typ Titel Geändert
pdf .gif Prom_Ausschreibung_deutsch 13.02.23
pdf .gif Prom_Call_Translation_englisch 13.02.23
docx .gif Prom_Formantrag_u_Gliederung 13.02.23
docx .gif Erfolgskontrollbericht 13.02.23
docx .gif Qualifizierung_deutsch 13.02.23
docx .gif Qualifizierung_englisch 13.02.23
docx .gif Abschlussbericht_deutsch 13.02.23
doc .gif Abschlussbericht_englisch 13.02.23

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