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Social Services Universitiy Hospital Magdeburg

A hospital stay can lead to problems and questions that can overwhelm you and your family at first. At the same time, decisions must be made that have a significant impact on your life and that of your relatives. In such crisis situations, we can support you in recognizing and using your existing coping strategies. The individual situation with the available resources is in the focus of the individual consultation. We always endeavor to make optimal use of the branched network of social benefits and the corresponding service provider.

The clinic social service is organized decentrally. Each social worker is assigned stations and the associated ambulance area as a fixed work area. The individual employees are closely involved in the workflow of the ward and form an integral part of the ward team.

The social service on the Leipziger Straße campus is available for acute-somatic areas in house 60b, house 10 and house 5a. You will find the social service of psychiatry in building 4.

The social service of the State Women's Clinic can be found on Gerhart-Hauptmann-Strasse 35, 39108 Magdeburg on the 4th level.

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