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Mission Statement of the Nursing Department

Porträt 2 Pflegerinnen am PatientenbettThe University Hospital Magdeburg A.ö.R. is a facility of maximum medical care. Accordingly, we also offer patient care of the highest standard in nursing. The nursing staff offers comprehensive, holistic, and rehabilitative nursing. This provides the patient with highly motivated employees from admission to the hospital until discharge. In addition, the nurses provide services in teaching and research in other areas in the hospital.

The goal of our work is to take health care measure to a whole new level where our innovative and sophisticated treatments are optimally utilized and individual care is the focal point.

Our health care specialists offer aromatherapy coupled with nutritional counseling and methods in modern pain management for incontinence and nutritional issues.

Professional competence for the benefit of our patients

2 Pfleger RezeptionThe complex, modern and for the most part special treatment procedures are made possible by motivated nurses who constantly deepen their knowledge and develop their skills through continuing education throughout their careers.

A big proportion of our employees acquire specialist knowledge in various medical fields through specialist training (for example anesthesiology, intensive care and in the surgical service). Nursing experts with university degrees are increasingly active at the University Hospital, which means that a high level of scientific knowledge is sought in the fields of nursing practice, nursing management and nursing research.

In our clinic, we are thorough and competent; that means, there is one nurse who takes care of a patient. In addition, another nursing staff is on hand to assist; where a modest group of patients with individual needs are looked after.

Caregivers perform admission interviews to learn how patients handle their illnesses and how much help patients need. Together with the medical staff, patients are given information about the procedures in the clinic and about their treatments.

Our overview of the continuing education profile:

  • Porträt Pflegerin PatientenzimmerHealth and Nursing
  • Healthcare Help
  • Health and Child Care
  • Midwives
  • Surgical Technical Assistance
  • Medical-Technical Laboratory Assistance
  • Medical Technical Radiology Assistance

Inform yourself: Contact our employees about the various continuing education options.


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Management of Nursing, Functions and Welfare Services

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